Mr. Expendable

Sometimes you try too hard to please them
And then you try to meet them half way but they're never there
I'd love to work, you know I'd work for love
But this has been my history: they could do anything to me

Last night they put me on the TV
There was an accident, they said 'just a little accident' oh…
But it was I who nearly died, I still declined to speak
For fear of losing everything you work so hard to keep

Mr Expendable, Mr Expendable
Don't you believe what you hear
When they whisper in your ear:
"Cause no trouble. Cause no trouble …Have no fear"

Now I worry about you most days
You think you're safe as houses with your mouth shut tight
Then you make me sad and then you make me angry
Why don't you understand… your interests are at hand

(repeat Chorus)

Mr Expendable, Mr Expendable, Mr Expendable

Now you don't even read the papers
You can get all the lies you need from seven channels now and
I'd love to know, but the knowledge escapes me
'Cause they never do explain, why you always must remain…

(rept Chorus)

Mr Expendable, Mr Expendable, Mr Expendable, Mr Expendable

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