Our Common Enemy

Everybody's one big happy family
On Labour Day, on Labour Day
Unity is strength and you gotta look unified
Even if it's playing the bosses game
And the truth is crucified

Everybody's one big happy family
Except for these few radicals on the left of me
But don't take any notice, they're under our control
We got out hands over the camera lens
For the common goal

Did you think they would follow you?
If there was any doubt, this electric light has found it out
Shines so bright, brings back memories of the darkest nights…
Our common enemy
Oh our common enemy
Is the common doubt

Now, everybody's hands are tied behind their backs
With Accord around our necks, tolerating these attacks
How can you say we gotta stick together?
When you can't blot out this suspicion that you're just
Birds of a pinstripe feather

(repeat Chorus)

Our common enemy is the common doubt
Our common enemy is the common doubt
…Is the common doubt

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