Bush Video

This GTK interview with Bush Video was broadcast on ABC television on 17th September, 1973.

Bush Video was a prominent group using video as an experimental art form in the early 1970s in Australia.

Bush Video was set up by the experimental filmmaker, Mick Glasheen, who had been involved with video since 1968. He was approached by the organisers of the Nimbin Aquarius Festival to provide video access to festival participants. Bush Video applied for funding to buy equipment and also to build a cable network throughout the town of Nimbin. This was the very first experiment in cable television in Australia.

Bush Video was a loose, collective organisation built on the spirit of collaboration and explored most of the areas in which video has been used since.

The interview is with Jack Jacobson, Jonny Lewis and Annie Kelly from Bush Video. This interview was probably recorded in the Bush Video studios located in Ultimo in central Sydney.

Bush Video members include Mick Glasheen, Doug Richardson, Jack Meyer, Joseph El Khouri, Mark Evans (aka Ariel), Jack Jacobson, John Kirk, Melinda Brown, Phillipa Cullen, Jonny Lewis, Ann Kelly and Martin Fabinyi. Others involved in Bush Video activities include Stephen Jones, Roger Foley, Ron Saunders, John Voce, Brian Williams and Tom Zubrycki.