Drug Bust Song

This song (2' 20") was recorded live at the Nimbin Aquarius Festival in May 1973. It was digitized from 40-year old quarter-inch, reel-to-reel audio tapes (originally recorded at the Festival on a half-track Uher Report 4000 tape recorder at 7.5 ips).

The lyrics are simple, expressive and poetic.......

I said hey man it's 4 o'clock.......how come you didn't knock.
I thought it must have been God......but on reflection, decided it was the drug-squad section. Come to save me.
Well, they were just doing their job(?)......wearing a holster beneath their robes.
The man decided to take a look.....and what I had in the way of books.
There was Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, P.T. Barnum.....and a whole lot of other inner tubes.
Well this is the charge they arrested me on.....each day more of them die and more of us are born.
I could tell he was torn apart.....off the ledge with a brick tied around my heart.
Well Detective Johnny Appleseed planted four roaches in my tweeds......green leafy substance.
Said well don't that look like dope.....that's the kind of hemp they make rope.
Given enough and you might hang yourself......man to man.
Well they took me down to the station......sent me to the analyst for information.
Threw me in the watchtower......sign on the wall says: I'm so high that I can't fall.
Well I might be busted and I live dead broke.....the cops wont share their coke.
You can cut off my hair, you can cut off my head.....I still wont join the walking dead.
Yeah, just walking.....just talking.
Well I might be ashes in the mouth of dope.....you got the judge, I got some hope.
Refused me bail, put me in jail......just another thug, ???? dang drugs.
Put my freedom behind me......wont somebody remind me, unwind me.
Judge I'm sorry, but I insist......case dismissed.

Listen to the Drug Bust Song (2 minutes 19 seconds)

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