Nimbin Song

This "Nimbin Song" was written specifically about the Aquarius Festival and performed during the Festival.

It was recorded at the Nimbin Aquarius Festival in May 1973 and digitized from 40-year old quarter-inch, reel-to-reel audio tapes.

"Nimbin Song" Lyrics:

When you drink cool water, drink shallow
Scoop with both hands, and watch the light play along the surface
Not even skin deep
We are making webs of skin to live in
Stretching a rhythm across the beat of our heart
To catch the buzz of the bus we missed
Trains vanishing into harmonicas
And these tribes make Nimbin a kind of country...and western
Blue grass.....high grass.....soft grass
And blue, blue, blue, cool, cool water
And the sky bent to the edges of the music
And it is sto, oh, oh, own thee(?)
And the cowboy spurs aching in the sunshine for your touch
This is the last rodeo, spinning like light from the heads of the bull
Wind down the windows of your Alfa
For a smile and a wing......ding dang, double bill
Up over the hill, out of sight.....Festival

Listen to the Nimbin Song (2 minutes 3 seconds)

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