A Complaint

An interesting interlude in the music being played on the main stage one night during the Festival. A woman complained about the volume of the music (and possibly the type of music) being played.

I hope the audio stream is audible enough to grasp the essence of the exchange. To help with this, you will find my attempt to transcribe the conversation below (the result is a little disjointed since some of it is hard to decipher).

It is interesting in a couple of ways. It provides us with a more realistic feeling for how things really were during the Festival. In hindsight, we are probably inclined to idealize the experience of being there. It would defy human nature if it was all completely harmonious, so it provides us with an insight into some of the day-to-day characteristics of the Festival (good and bad) that we are likely to have forgotten 50 years later.

It is also an attempt for a large gathering to deal with its own conflicts. This response comes across as a little patronizing but I suspect the intention was reasonably well intentioned. An attempt to find a unity in polar opposites and restore peace and tolerance. Not an easy thing to do in a large-crowd situation (especially at a rock concert which this essentially was)......

Woman: I don't know if anyone else likes it here....it's really terrible

.....it's going on all the time......so they might sleep at night

.....and I hate it.....I really do.....I don't like it.....its going on all the time.....I don't like it at all

Response: Sweetheart, calm down.....you're escaping into the audience with your comment about electric music

Not saying she is wrong.....just trying to find out why she wants us to feel like it.....come on.....after all

.....are we here to respect people or respect ourselves.

How much of you bums have come here to expand your ego.....and really not understand anything else.

She came up here screaming and crying about what the dumb thing she felt was right

And she was big enough.....and small enough

What she said.....might have helped.....or what she said might not have helped at all.

So for God's sake......(love the people?)

Listen to the complaint (3 minutes 35 seconds)