Wonder Wombats Sparkling Saxaphone Catalogue

A special edition of Semper Floreat, the student newspaper at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, called the "Wonder Wombats Sparkling Saxaphone Catalogue" (vol. 43 no.6 - 32 pages).

This special edition incorporates The Grass Roots Express, Nimbun Good-Times (sic), Nimbun Examiner (sic), I Ching, Unit, and Cheap Trash. The approach seems to be something like a (mini) Whole Earth Catalogue and was used to promote the upcoming Festival and also to provide information to prospective participants.

The publication is un-dated (typical of those times) but it would have hit the streets shortly before the Aquarius Festival in early May 1973. The material is largely un-credited (also typical), but a few scattered names appear such as Bob MacIntyre, Nick Langton, Janet Russo and David Franken (who did the section Cheap Trash with friends). The last page re: filmmaking in Qld. was done by Peter Gray.

Key to producing this issue was John Stanwell and Graham Cathcart together with other fellow HARPO members.

John Stanwell was Activities Director for the UQ Student Union at the time and Graham was an AUS-employed organiser who helped with organizing the Aquarius Festival from the Queensland side.

Graham Cathcart (1951 -1974) did a lot of the free-hand Rotring work you see in the "HARPO" section of this combined "catalogue" issue.

The pages that are directly talking about Festival logistics came from Johnny Allen (i.e. "Kaptain Kulture").

Wonder Wombats Sparkling Saxaphone Catalogue