Dailan Pugh

Dailan Pugh talks with Joanne Shoebridge as part of ABC North Coast's coverage of the Aquarius Festival's 40th anniversary.

Dailan Pugh came to the region for the Aquarius Festival in 1973. He is well known for his work with the North East Forest Alliance.

He was one of many protesters involved in the 1979 blockade - a campaign that was eventually successful in stopping logging.

"It was the first forest blockade in Australia's history, and from there that went on to other places in Australia and had a huge ripple effect throughout the environment movement and throughout Australia" he said.

"Terania Creek focussed public attention on rainforests, it made it into a political issue and it not only got Terania Creek protected in the end... but it got the Border Ranges protected, it led to a decision to protect the Hastings Rainforest further south, Barrington Tops Rainforest."