A Decade Reviewed 1964-1974

In October and November 1974, a series of 13 interviews were conducted with prominent representatives of the radical Left movement at the University of Queensland.

All those interviewed responded to a common set of questions.

List of Questions (1974) (380KB)

Some of the interviews were recorded on audio tape while others were written responses. Five of the audio interviews were recorded on professional audio tape (Nagra) for a proposed documentary film project (which was never completed due to lack of funds). These were with Jim Beatson, Alan Knight, Merle Thornton, Dan O’Neil, and Robyn Bardon. Three further interviews were recorded on cassette tape for transcription purposes. The remaining 5 interviews took the form of purely written responses to these same questions.

Five of the audio interviews were transcribed and published in Semper Floreat Vol. 44 No. 16 (pages 19 - 26 inclusive). The published interviews were with Peter Wertheim, Bob Wensley, Professor Edwin Webb, Dan O’Neil, and Merle Thornton.

The coordinator of the newspaper project, Bruce Dickson, wrote an introduction to the series of interviews in Semper Floreat which incorporated his personal views about the highs and lows of the evolution of the movement during the preceding decade (effectively responding to the same set of questions).

The Long March of the Radical Student Movement by Bruce Dickson (1974) (333KB)

A transcript of Dan O'Neill's interview recorded in October 1974.

Transcript of Dan O'Neill's Interview (1974) (914KB)

A scan of the entire Decade in Review presentation published in Semper Floreat.

Semper Floreat Vol. 44 No. 16 (pages 19 - 26) (2.56MB)