"Hell No! We Won't Go"

A preview of the unreleased documentary (aka "sizzle reel").

The Vietnam War provoked one of the most contentious periods in Australian history. Across the Western world, the cultural revolution that epitomized the 60s came to a climax during the Vietnam War. While the American experience is committed to memory and revered, the Australian story has slipped through the nation’s cultural memory. The documentary aims show Australians who faced unique challenges as they struggled against social traditions and government. At no other stage in our history has discord and dissent been such a pervasive force. It was the issue of conscription that made a country bitter.

The documentary tells the story of young men and women who fought conscription and gave momentum to the anti-conscription movement. The cause rapidly gained popularity across all pockets of society. Crucially, it tells the story of draft resisters – men who refused to serve that served. Tales of imprisonment, police brutality, and curtailments of basic civil rights are remembered through several voices of the generation. For them, the anti-conscription movement and its enemies left a profound impact on the course of their lives. Academics, media figures, and hard-working Australians tell their life stories as they evoke the turmoil of the age – but was it all worth it? Is their legacy one that is felt by the youth of today?

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