Spy or Nazi?

Sydney Morning Herald, April 1, 2012

by Frank Robson

Special Branch spy disguised as a Nazi supporter in late '60s Brisbane.....

Inside the murky past of Dan Van Blarcom (centre)

Recruited by Special Branch detective, Don Lane, in March 1968


November, 1967
Dan Van Blarcom arrives in Brisbane with his parents and younger sisters.

March 1968
He says he is approached at a protest by Special Branch detective Don Lane, who will pay him to hang out with a Nazi group and report on their activities. He joins the National Socialist Party of Australia to monitor one of its organisers, Eric Wenberg.

A 19-year-old Van Blarcom is photographed by "The Canberra Times" wearing a swastika armband during a meeting at the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Early 1971
Van Blarcom returns to Brisbane and tells his handler that he wants to end his involvement with Special Branch.

He joins a Brisbane anarchist group saying he is a ''committed fascist'' who's had a change of heart.

January 2004
Days before the Queensland poll, a journalist uncovers Van Blarcom's involvement with neo-Nazi groups. The Nationals dis-endorse him.

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