Palm Sunday Peace Rally 1983

Rally For Nuclear Disarmament in Brisbane held on Sunday 27th March 1983. Also known as the Palm Sunday Peace Rallies. This particular rally and march was organised by the Brisbane Rally for Peace Committee and was chaired by Senator George Georges (see below).

Speakers at the rally included Ron Poulsen, Donna Henry, Cheryl Buchanan, and John Campbell (a Brisbane City Council Alderman).

Singers are Penelope (Penny) Glass and Nat Trimarchi from the Popular Theatre Troupe.

Groups present included the Australian Labour Party (ALP), Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Palestinian Human Rights Association, Solidarity with El Salvadore, International Socialists, Socialist Party, and other peace groups and organisations.

Film shot on Super-8 by Lachlan Hurse

Copyright: Leftpress Printing Society, Brisbane, Australia (see below)

Archival Master: Film and Tape Transfer, Los Angeles, California

Rally for Peace Committee (1980 - 1983)

Aim: To organise a yearly rally to provide the people of Brisbane with an opportunity to call for peace.

Objectives: A nuclear free Australia, closure of United States bases, cessation of B52 landings, a nuclear-free Pacific, a ban on the mining and export of uranium, and a ban on nuclear weapons.

Members: Simon Blackwood, Bruce Doyle, George Georges, Owen Pearson, Barbara Robson, Joan Shears, Greg Weir.

(Note: George Georges (1920–2002) was a Senator for Queensland from 1968 to 1987)

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