The Moonlight State

A dark chapter in Queensland’s history.

Password = graft

This groundbreaking piece of investigative journalism uncovers the Queensland Police department's involvement in illegal prostitution and extensive corruption. The day after it was broadcast in 1987, a commission of inquiry was called to look into "Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct" more commonly known as the "Fitzgerald Inquiry".

The commission ran for two years and called up a total of 339 witnesses, ranging from police to business identities, ministers, and all the way up to the Queensland Premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

The Fitzgerald Inquiry led to a string of prosecutions including the then Police Commissioner, Terry Lewis, on a charge of corruption; the jailing of three Queensland ministers; and a charge of perjury against the Premier, Sir Joh, which was eventually aborted due to a hung jury.

For the Four Corners team behind the program, the litigation for the ‘Moonlight State’ went on for a record 13 years.

Reporter: Chris Masters
Producer: Shaun Hoyt
Executive Producer: Peter Manning

Originally broadcast 11th May, 1987