"INDIANS" Street Theatre - 1971

Super-8 film (two-camera coverage) of a street-theatre event "INDIANS" performed in King George Square, Brisbane, on 25th September 1971 (11' 07").

The event was staged on the opening night of the 1971 Warana Spring Festival in Brisbane. Warana is an Aboriginal word meaning "blue skies". The annual Warana Festival started in 1962 and continued until the early 1990s when it was transformed into the Brisbane Festival of today.

Among the performers appearing in the film are Geoffrey Rush (in wheelchair), Bill Doblo (Buffalo Bill), Paul Davies (in tail coat), Peter Kowitz (Indian brave), and Bill (Bille) Brown (Indian chief).

The sound track comes from the second side of The Small Faces album "Ogden's Nutgone Flake". Remnants of this music was on the original film so this music was added to the restoration.