"Nat's Rant" (1985)

An excerpt from the show "A Few Short Wicks In Paradise" recorded in Sydney in 1985.

Performed by "Order By Numbers" (Nat Trimarchi, Penny Glass, and Gavan Fenelon).

Presented in Sydney by the "Queensland Democracy Support Group N.S.W.".

Directors: Dee Martin, Michael Cummings.

Sound recording: Kieran Knox.

A reference to the 1985 SEQEB dispute starts at 4' 23": "Yeah, fifty-thousand big ones is what you're gonna pay if you are a power worker and out on strike these days. And if you join a picket you could be down a thousand bucks. And if you tell them stick it, they're gonna make you bankrupt. It's no good throwing you in prison, that's just bad publicity. That's the price you pay for your electricity."