The Go-Betweens: Right Here (movie trailer)

"The Go-Betweens: Right Here" is a documentary about the people who created the seminal rock band The Go-Betweens. It is a heartfelt story of discovery, uncovering the intensely passionate, creative, and fraught relationships that formed one of the most loved and influential bands in Australian rock history.

It is also the universal story of a great creative adventure that spanned three decades, through countless successes, failures, romances, break-ups, betrayals, triumphs, and tragedies. "The Go-Betweens: Right Here" is a compelling investigation into the exhilarating, unpredictable, and precarious lives of musicians, that reveals the true price paid by them to pursue their art.

"The Go-Betweens: Right Here" exposes all the highs, the lows, the joy, the pain, the sorrow, and the beauty of being in a cult band and of trying to survive the harsh and brutal realities of an exploitative music industry.

This film tells the story of The Go-Betweens from the inside out, from the people who lived it, and from those whose lives were transformed by it.

Written and directed by Kriv Stenders. Executive Producers: David Alrich & Chris Hilton. Producer: Joe Weatherstone. Co-Producer: Kriv Stenders. Associate Producer: Penelope Jope. Production Company: Essential Media & Entertainment. ABC TV Executive Producer: Jo Chichester.

Broadcast on ABC national television in Australia on 21 November 2017.