Rock Against Racism 1982

A three and a half minute excerpt from the 16mm documentary WE FIGHT (Guniwaya Ngigu) featuring No Fixed Address performing on the main stage at the Rock Against Racism concert in West End on 25th September 1982 (inter-cut with protest footage shot during the Commonwealth Games).

WE FIGHT (Guniwaya Ngigu)

A film by the Black Film Unit
(Maureen Watson, Tiga Bayles, Johnny Bayles, and Madeline McGrady)
Produced by: Maureen Watson, Tiga Bayles, Johnny Bayles, and Madeline McGrady
Director: Madeline McGrady and Tracey Moffatt
Music by No Fixed Address, Bapu Mamoos, Kuckles
Didgeridoo played by Michael Bayles
Cinematographer: Fabio Cavadini
Location Sound: Russ Hermann
Additional Camera: Mike Thompson
Additional Sound: Johnny Bayles
Film Editor: Paul Healy
Assistant Editor: Tracey Moffatt
Sound Editor: Paul Healy
Sound Mixer: Gethin Creagh
Line Producer (post): Paul Healy
Negative Matching: Miriam Cortes
Laboratory Liaison: Brian Geraghty
Laboratory: Colorfilm Pty. Ltd.

16mm / 61 minutes / Brisbane 1982