The Long March

In May 1974, hundreds of demonstrators traveled in convoy on a 7,000 mile (return) trip across Australia to North West Cape in Western Australia to protest against a remotely located US military base. The protesters wanted to symbolically reclaim the base for the Australian people and raise awareness about the consequences of nuclear war for the Australian homeland. They met with violent clashes with police along the way which came to a head at the entrance to the base.

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This recently rediscovered "lost" film made over 40 years ago has never been screened publically. Songs composed during the campaign to North West Cape and other military bases in Australia include "We don't want no Yankee Bases" and "Omega Doodle" which have become part of the Australian folkloric tradition.

The Long March
Director and Editor: Garry Lane
Camera: Roger Hudson, Phil Bull and Peter Murphy
Narrator: Jon "Darce" Cassidy
Production Manager: Lyall Kennedy
Sound mix: Alasdair McFarlane (Palm Studios, Sydney)
Sponsor: The Campaign Against Foreign Military Bases
Campaign Coordinators: Peter Galvin (national), Lyall Kennedy (Sydney), Peter Bell (Melbourne), Mike Williss (Adelaide)
Producers: Garry Lane and Crowsfoot Films, Sydney, 1975