Teach Them A Lesson

The story examines the effects of a military invasion on the lives of a peasant family living in a remote location.

The daughter of the family is raped and murdered by soldiers. The father seeks justice for the crime only to be accused of being a collaborator with the enemy. He is brutally beaten by the local authorities.

The film explores the changes in the father's liberal concepts of humanity as he lapses into complete despair. This is juxtaposed with the son's changing political awareness. He feels compelled to fight back.

The script is based on a short story set during the height of the Vietnam War. The theme has been adapted and represented as a universal story that is not tied to a specific time or place.

The lesson to be learnt is you can not be effective alone. Only by uniting with others in a similar situation can you make a difference. The oppressed can be strong when their efforts are coordinated.

Shot in Sydney, Australia

Year of Production: 1976

Format: 16mm film

Spanish with English subtitles.