The Shadow Over East Timor

The documentary examines the events leading up to and the consequences of Indonesia's illegal occupation of East Timor. It addresses human rights abuses and questions the role of Australian Governments in the unfolding conflict. "The Shadow Over East Timor" was the first Australian film to comprehensively examine the genocide and resistance in East Timor following the Indonesian invasion in 1975. By 1990, close to one third – 200,000 – of the Timorese people had died because of war and starvation. The conflict was perhaps the least reported in modern history.

Camera: Fabio Cavadini and Amanda King
Location Sound: James Kesteven
Directors: James Kesteven and Amanda King
Script: Denis Freney, James Kesteven and Amanda King
Narrator: Maree Delofski
Editor: James Kesteven
Music composed and performed by: Martin Wesley Smith
Graphic Design: Lucia Galanti
Post Audio: Ugis Metro
On-line editor: Greg Miller
Producers: James Kesteven and Amanda King
Production Company: Shadow Films
SBS Supervising Producer: Barbara Mariotti
SBS Production Co-ordinator: Jo Marciniak
Produced in association with SBS-TV Australia
Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission
Broadcast on SBS television (1988)
Poetry written by Francisco Borja Da Costa