4ZZ-FM (1975)

Video shot by Bruce Dickson showing the construction of the original 4ZZ-FM radio studios in the basement of the University of Queensland Student Union building in late 1975 (9 minutes 28 seconds). Three months after the initial broadcast, the call sign was changed to 4ZZZ-FM when the Broadcasting Control Board required all FM radio stations in Australia to have a three-letter call sign. By adding an extra "Z", the radio station has since been known as "4ZZZ" (pronounced "Four Triple Zed" or simply "Triple Zed").

Video shot by Bruce Dickson during a trial broadcast of the new 4ZZ-FM radio station in 1975 before its official launch (4 minutes 44 seconds).

Bruce writes: Station founder Jim Beatson and staff seen rehearsing in 1975, as part of the trial broadcasts preceding the historic launch of community station 4ZZ/4ZZZ-FM.

These images represent rare if not unique archival footage recorded on B&W video.

Please note: visuals only - the sound is missing due to a technical hitch. You've heard of silent movies, well now ... silent radio!

Participating are Jim Beatson at the console, Stuart Matchett on the left, John Woods (1946 - 2001) on the right, and Ashleigh Merritt (the sole female).